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Doctor Juan Pablo the technical therapist. Computer repairs, communications systems, equipment configuration, website design and hosting. He is also one of the best food providers in CDMX. Local phone (044) 5644-9211 from the USA UU O Canada (044) 55-2445-0422 Email:

Los Milagros Hotel is a traditional Mexican hotel in the center of downtown Cabo. It is owned and operated by a lovely lady, Sandra, who knows how to keep the Cape alive. From the USA UU O Canada: (718) 928-6647 Website: Email:

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The general rule for dinner; Anywhere 3 or more blocks from the main street, you’ll find more traditional food at traditional prices. Do not worry, Los Cabos is one of the safest places in the world.

Todos Santos, it’s really a magical place, you’ll love it. They have a great handmade traditional art and wonderful ice cream shops. And try the Santa Fe Café for its excellent Italian food.

Las Cascadas in Santiago, El reef de Cabo Pulmo, El País Dorado and La Paz. Most rental companies will not allow you to drive to those places. In particular, we do not have a warm feeling either, but these places are beautiful and important parts of our exceptional area. So, as a team effort, it’s fine for us, but please, take it easy on the cars. Remember that you can always call for more information, our experience is free for you. We have already received a good pay for living here and enjoying these treasures on a regular basis.